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How Laqira | Protocol Works

LQR, the native token of the Laqira platform is a community-based governance token for Laqira Protocol ecosystem. All services of Laqira Platform will be available by Laqira token and LQR should be paid as the native currency of the platform. Also, only LQR holders can participate in governance of Laqira platform by voting for and against the proposals which are suggested for further development on Laqira platform. Implemented voting mechanism will let the token holders to decide for next step in Laqira Protocol and helps token holders to participate in the project, actively. Also voting possibility will provide an environment in which, unique ideas and proposals are suggested and put for voting. This will help the platform to be kept growing and improving, constantly.


Laqira | Protocol

Laqira Protocol is a metaverse platform aiming to create an entrance gateway to the blockchain world for people on earth, entering which, they can benefit from today’s novel technologies and services in various fields, yet simply. This platform will be an integrated complex containing numerous sections such as Defi and Gamefi services, wallet, exclusive dapps and so on. Any development on Laqira platform will be carried out after creating a proposal by the core team or community members and holding a poll by the token holders. If the proposal gains enough votes on behalf of token holders and also the majority of token holders vote for it, positively, the proposal will be approved by the Laqira team and will go under development. As a result, the platform keeps improving, continuously.

Token Security Audit


This is a token contract that contains the Voting section. The total amount of contract tokens can be changed, users can burn their own tokens through the burn function. SafeMath security module is used, which is a recommended approach. The contract does not have the Overflow and the Race Conditions issue. During the audit, we found the following information: 1. The owner can mint tokens arbitrarily through the mint function but the minted amount has an upper limit called _maxSupply. 2. The owner role can transfer any mistransferred BEP20 tokens to any address.

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Marketplace Security Audit


the SlowMist security team received the Laqira team's security audit application for Laqira NFT marketplace, developed the audit plan according to the agreement of both parties and the characteristics of the project, and finally issued the security audit report.

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Laqira | Protocol Roadmap

2021 Q4

✅ Project Initiation
✅ Token Security Audit(Slowmist)
✅ Token Generation Event
✅ Public Offering in Exchanges
✅ Exchanges

2022 H1

✅ SQUID Game Event
✅ NFT Marketplace (testnet)
✅ Marketplace Security Audit
✅ NFT Marketplace (mainnet)
✅ Laqirace pre-alpha test
✅ Ecological Cooperation
✅ Brand Settlement

2022 H2

✅ Laqirace website
✅ Laqirace demo version release
✅ Laqira Exchange
✅ More Listings
Laqirace NFT presale
Laqirace alpha version release
Laqirace beta version release
Governance Module owned by Community
DEX Development

2023 H1

Cross-chain Bridge Development Inception
Cross-chain Bridge Test
Cross-chain Bridge Launch

2023 H2

Wallet services

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